Friday, June 24, 2011

A Letter from a happy fan of the book "Sketch Card Mania"

The response to the book "Sketch Card Mania" by Randy Martinez & Denise Vasquez has been incredible since it's release May 2011! The letters keep coming in! We love hearing from you, especially about how the book is helping you! Here's a letter from a happy fan:

 "I first noticed this book here on Facebook about two weeks, and thank god I got it for fathers day. It is definitely one of my favorite books. I am 39 years old and always loved art, but thanks to the education system, I was kicked out of art in grade 11 and told that it is a big mistake for someone who is colored blind to pursue a career in art. I regret listening to the teachers, counselors and principal on this decision. I was really good at drawing and sculpting. Ever since than, I gave up the idea of a career in this field, but always bought books with different styles and techniques. Your book is amazing; a year ago I started sketch cards with my 6 year old daughter, a hobby together. Your book have really helped us and inspired me to maybe turn this hobby into a few extra dollars. I never thought that I could have positive thinking on this, but your book is amazing, really gives someone like me some hope. Enough of my rambling, what I would like to know, is there a future for a part two? If so, I will be first in line. Thank you very much for producing an amazing book." - Chad Parent

Thank you for sharing your experience Chad!

If you have feedback or photos, please feel free to message us so we can share the joy!

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Sketch Card Mania