About the Authors Randy Martinez & Denise Vasquez


Randy Martinez was born and raised in Southern California. The son of two artists, he was destined to be an artist himself. His road to being a professional started on the basketball court at California Lutheran University. Not only was Randy on the basketball  team, he also served as the official team artist, creating “Lu Dog” logos and t-shirt designs. Eventually Randy’s art professor helped him to realize that his future didn’t lie in a pair of sneakers. After a two-year stint at CLU, Randy spent another two years in the art program at Ventura College before attending the Kansas City Art Institute. Kansas City represented a chance for Randy to get out of his comfortable setting in Southern California and challenge himself with new forms of art and ideas. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in design and illustration, Randy moved back to Southern California to pursue a professional art career. He got his first big break in 1999 by doing artwork for “Star Wars Kids Magazine”. 
In 2004 Topps Trading Cards came calling and invited Randy to produce "Sketch Cards" for their "Star Wars: Heritage" Collection. That started a truly unbelievable run of 7,500 Sketch Cards for Topps Trading Cards over the next 2 years including "Revenge of the Sith" and "Lord of the Rings: Evolution" collections. Since then Martinez's name has been a Sketch Card fixture for Topps' most popular titles. Randy Martinez is one of today’s most premiere sketch card artists. He has illustrated well over 9,000 sketch cards for Topps, Rittenhouse, Inkworks, Breygent Marketing, Sadlittles, and 5FINITY Productions LLC, on properties such as Star Wars, Clone Wars, Heroes, Lord Of The Rings, Indiana Jones, X-Men Archives, Spiderman Archives, Terminator Salvation, The Spirit, Greatest American Hero and more! 
Randy has become a favorite amongst Star Wars fans. His art has been published and used for official Star Wars publications and other collectibles worldwide. In 2007 Martinez was given the great honor of illustrating the Official program cover and posters for both Star Wars Celebration IV (Los Angeles) and Star Wars Celebration Europe (London, England). 2007 also brought the start of Martinez's relationship with Acme Archives, Who produce Fine Art Giclee prints. Acme has produced 5 of Randy's designs including "Star Wars: Bounty Hunters", "Star Wars: Scoundrels", "Boba Fett: Legacy", "Eyes on Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark", and "Eyes on Adventure: Crystal Skull".
In 2008 Randy finally got the call to create an original piece of art for Topps' as part of their much anticipated "Star Wars Galaxy: 4" “Base set”. 
In 2009, Scholastic Books released "Star Wars: Rebel Force" a 6 Part Book Series to which Martinez Illustrated the front and back covers. That same year, Randy Authored and Illustrated his first how to draw book titled "Creature Features: How to draw Amazing Monsters and Aliens" with Impact Publishing. "Creature Features" boasts over 150 different illustrations, over 30 different how to draw lessons, and a special artists gallery! Randy has also illustrated over a half dozen games for Playroom Entertainment. Most notably the hit game "Sitting Ducks" and "Scary Tales".
In 2010 Randy’s art can be seen all over the Star Wars Universe. Scholastic Books continues the Rebel Force Series where Randy makes his debut as an actual Star Wars Character, on the Back covers of Book 5 & 6! Topps Trading Cards released Star Wars Galaxy 5 with Randy Martinez illustrating 20 Trading Cards for the set including 15 Foil Chase Cards. Randy also Illustrated Official Poster art for Star Wars Celebration V and Jedi Con in Germany.

Martinez's Illustration credits also include art for Star Wars.com, Lucas Arts, Red 5 Comics, Gag Magazine, Cracked Magazine, Green Ronin Games, The Los Angeles Times, and Guitar Center. To Learn more about Randy Martinez, visit his website  www.randymartinez.net

Puerto Rican Native New Yorker, Denise Vasquez was introduced to art at a very early age by her mother who was an artist. Music, art and the theater have always been an integral part of her life. Denise began singing from the time she could talk, dancing from the time she could walk, drawing from the moment she could hold a pencil, and writing from the time she could form a sentence! 

Denise’s first experience on stage was at the age of 4, Tap dancing with Ms Dorothy’s dance troupe. Throughout Elementary School, Denise performed with her chorus at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, and on the side studied ballet at Carnegie Hall. Junior High School, was where Denise was introduced to the violin & really focused on mastering her instrument while learning, playing & performing with her class Orchestra. 

High School is where Denise was introduced to drawing classes, and auditioning for acting roles, which led to her enrolling at "The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute", and "The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater Training Unit". Denise quickly realized, the more skills she had, the more opportunities she created for herself as an DIY (Do it yourself) artist! Denise performed in many Theatrical Productions, as well as Improv Shows, Educational Films, Industrials, TV, Feature Films, and dancing in music videos! Denise graduated from high school as she was turning 16, completed a year at Hunter College in New York City before leaving her home in New York City at the age of 17! She has been traveling the world as an Indie Artist since! 

Denise has Performed & made appearances in Italy, Germany, Ireland, London, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Liverpool, all over the USA, and the Virgin Islands. Denise has LIVED in Scotland, London, US Virgin Islands and now Hollywood, California! 

The Virgin Islands is where Denise began making her living as as illustrator. A woman stopped her on the street the day after she had arrived to inquire about the shirt she was wearing. During a delightful conversation, Denise mentioned she hand painted the shirt, which led to her employment at "World View Graphics" where Denise would spend her days painting on clothing. Denise fell in love with illustrating on everything from clothing, glass bottles, baskets, windows and more...which led to many commissions with local businesses and private clients. On the side, Denise was taking Playwriting classes, where she wrote her first One-Act Play “Sisterhood” which was performed at The St. John School Of The Arts receiving rave reviews from the press. Denise also performed as a singer with a Jazz Band & a Blues Rock Band. While living in the Virgin Islands, Denise was inspired to combine all of her talents to help bring the community together. Denise created, produced, hosted, and performed in six successful Music Festivals as a way to share information, showcase talent, while bringing awareness to different causes. Being an activist and an artist with a cause, these events led Denise to creating her WO+MEN 4 A CAUSE community in 1999. 

Feeling the need to do more, Denise left the Virgin Islands and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a professional career in the arts. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Denise has accomplished a great deal! Denise has self-produced 3 albums, and is currently working on her 4th album “Life Happens” which will feature her art & music. 

She is a FIVE time winner of the ASCAP PLUS performing songwriters Award, has been listed on Music Connection Magazines Hot 100 Unsigned Artist list for 6 consecutive years, Nominated for 5 Mavric Music Awards and Nominated by The LA Music Awards for Best Female Vocalist of the year & Best Album Of The Year. 

Denise has designed and illustrated T-shirts, CDs, logos, music posters, flyers, 3D Art, 3D Custom Vinyl Toys, and has sold many of her original artwork on canvas, and glass. Denise has done work for Stan Lee, Lucasfilm, DKE Toys, World View Graphics, and has illustrated hundreds of sketch cards for Topps, including Star Wars, Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, Terminator; sketch cards for Breygent Marketing: Woodstock Poster Series; Comics For Cures Sketch Cards to Benefit The American Cancer Society; Treasure Chest Foundation Sketch Cards to Benefit The Pediactric Oncology; 5FINITY PRODUCTIONS Archie Comic/March of Dimes Sketch Cards & Zombie vs Cheerleaders Sketch cards, and she’s Collaborated with other artists on some Marvel and X-Men sketch cards for Rittenhouse Archives. 

Denise proudly incorporates all of her experiences as an Activist, artist, actress, dancer, singer, writer, photographer in her life as well as her art. Denise says "I am an artist who creates because it is a part of my being! The people I've met on my path inspire me... nature inspires me... life inspires me...my art is everything that I am"! 

To learn more about Denise, visit her official website www.denisevasquez.com